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The New York Times 

The Times enlisted me as their inaugural creative addition to lead their in-house branded content studio. I played a key role in founding the studio. During my tenure, we successfully executed over 40 digital campaigns for a diverse range of clients and received a number of awards. I was able to work with some of the most talented creators in the world and gained invaluable insight and instincts in both digital design, documentary development, and story telling at large. 

In producing the logo lock up for the studio, I also had the opportunity to produce the sonic branding that runs in the preroll sequence alongside the mark.

You can hear that in the intro and outro to this piece we created for Cole Haan. 

pose1b_web copy.jpg

Whether I was tasked with sketching ballerinas or creating SVG animations, there was always the challenge of functionality. 

I worked alongside some of the best developers in the world to produce complex data visualizations and get things to read and function optimally. 

Chevron_LayoutV3R1 copy.jpg

For more specific samples or more on my time here, please feel free to reach out.

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