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Rye Cymbals

My passion for drumming has been a lifelong journey. For most of my years, I couldn't afford to invest in new drum gear, which obviously led to frustration. I wasn't able to achieve the sound I desired. During my time at Pratt Institute, I decided to take matters into my own hands. I dedicated a year to the campus metal shop, immersing myself in study, design, and experimentation with various metals to craft the ideal cymbal.

Despite limited resources, the shop offered an abundance of scrap metal, and tools which allowed me to hammer my way around the shop in search for what was most resonant. I wound up creating my own cymbal line and when my time in the shop came to an end, I decided to brand the work. Remarkably, I even managed to sell a few pieces to Sam Ash Music. 


Cymbal lathing is the process by which a cymbal acquires its ability to resonate. The metal is gradually thinned from the center outward in a variety of different patterns to produce all manner of effects.

Because the use of the metal lathe was only permitted by more senior students, I had to get crafty. The head of the shop had an old potter's wheel that we repurposed together to form a jig that could be used to tool cymbals.

Once the designing, reclaiming, cutting, shaping, hammering, annealing, and lathe work were complete, the only thing left to do was create the brand. I felt like what I imagines a baker might feel like once they finally perfected their bread recipe. Rye sourdough is my favorite. Hence the name.

The primary focus, beyond the logo, was to create a more efficient online cymbal purchasing experience. While I didn't fully develop the website – in-person instrument purchasing offers a unique experiential aspect – I was pleased with its visual appeal.

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