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Waldan Watches

The company's founder came to me with the need to develop a distinct photographic style for the relaunch of his family brand. After many years in business supporting the legacy his father had created, he sought to modernize and make a high quality product more accessible. 

While my primary function was to shoot and edit lifestyle images and video of the watches, I wound up developing all of the design collateral for the brand and even designed time pieces alongside leadership. 

Prior to my work with Waldan, I had no previous product photography experience in the fine jewelry space. The opportunity to craft this skill allowed me to fine tune my image making ability and consider levels of detail I had never before considered. 

AstronicChronometer-movement copy.jpg

The development of new products has been a big part of redesigning the brand. Together with notes from the companies CEO, I designed a number of concepts for consideration and production.


I developed video advertisements alongside cinematographer John Carluccio. I edited and produced music for all of the ads in house.  

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